Why you should be using DV360 for YouTube Advertising

Blog | 07 Dec, 2018

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Display and Video 360, or DV360, is Google's Demand Side Platform (DSP), which provides the technology that allows advertisers to bid and buy inventory directly from publishers or from ad exchanges outside of Google's own network. Jellyfish Technical Display Director, Roger Jones, gives some personal insight as to why he believes DV360 should be your platform of choice for YouTube-based display activity. 

“DV360 is a one-stop shop,” explains Roger. “It’s a platform where all the functionalities of a campaign are located in one system, which is a huge advantage for several reasons.” 

A veteran in display advertising, Roger outlined some of the major reasons he feels that DV360 is the superior platform for YouTube advertising.

Question: What’s your overall impression of DV360? 

Roger: Operationally DV360 is easier to use and functionally it’s more efficient. Google has been smart enough to combine a number tools into one user interface.  

Q: How impactful is the addition of more formats?

R: The addition of better supported formats allows for collaboration between creatives and multiple sources to work with, so you could change things ‘on the fly’ but can’t make changes to campaigns. This has the advantage of  limiting the potential for an inexperienced user to make unwanted changes within a campaign.

Q: What advantages does dynamic adjustment offer the user?

R: DV360 allows you to build rich media creative within the system and allows you to see all formats in the format gallery. It’s also great for creative templates and gives you ideas for global best practices. You could even build new products like Flipbook and Paralax. 

Question: What about budget control and time allocation of spend?

R: The big strength here is that the user has all the display, YouTube and other video activity in one place, making it super easy and efficient to move budgets between all your display activity. In addition to which, DV360 allows you to dictate exactly where your spend is placed and when it’s used. Basically, you get to determine the manner in which your budget is utilised for each campaign and across campaigns. 

Question: DV360 provides sales insights and refined targeting. How can this assist with a campaign? 

R: DV360 allows you to discover exactly who your audience is using refined targeting. It also gives you access to a larger audience with a more refined and guaranteed audience relevance. For example, if your campaign was about cars, DV360 would allow you to take data across campaigns and target a variety of audiences by using specific filters, like geographic location or a particular brand of vehicle. 

Question: Can DV360 ensure brand safety?

R: Ensuring brand safety has become paramount in the advertising and media industry. Since a 2017 investigation by The Times, where it was discovered that brands were inadvertently advertising alongside inappropriate material on the video-sharing platform, YouTube has endeavoured to provide improved brand safety measures ensuring greater control of online ad placement and serving. DV360 affords this twofold in that the user is able to control viewability through audience targeting and by allowing post-bid blocking to avoid ads being served next to inappropriate material. 


Jellyfish, the world’s largest boutique agency, is an official Google Marketing Platform Partner (GMP).  The agency offers clients service excellence with bespoke digital journey packages. For more information about our core functionalities and services, contact our offices at tel:+27311002490, or visit our analytics page.

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