Adobe Photoshop CC

Want to take your image editing to the next level? Our two day Adobe Photoshop CC course will give you the skills you need to start working with images for any purpose.

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Adobe Photoshop CC is the dominant force in the image editing industry and is one of the core programs used to prepare images for animations, web, 3D and print.

On this two-day course, you will gain valuable skills in selections, retouching, healing, masks, cropping, layers and text. You will then learn how to prepare and optimise your images to make them ready for any medium. 

You will learn how to customise your work space, use short cuts and a range of tips and tricks that will enable you to work effectively with the powerful tool set that Photoshop gives us.

Our Adobe Photoshop CC course is available at our training centre in The Shard, London.

We also offer private training courses tailored to your needs, which are ideal if you have a digital team that has recently migrated onto using Adobe products.

Adobe Photoshop CCStandard2 days Classroom Course

Led by one of our in-house Adobe Experts, this foundation training will take you from a point of no experience in using Photoshop, to a point where you are equipped with the skills you need to create and manipulate vector graphics.

We’ll share our years of industry experience to take you to the point where you can go on and start generating your own graphics for company branding, advertising campaigns, packaging and much more.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this course you’ll have gained the skills to:
  • Understand what raster graphics are and their role in the digital graphics industry
  • Navigate and manipulate your workspace to allow greater productivity
  • Make advanced selections and combine images seamlessly
  • Bring images to life using colour enhancements and healing tools
  • Make your images ready for any format that you require to use them in
Why should I take this course?
If are currently not in a creative role and want to retrain or you are already part of a digital graphics team and want to develop your knowledge of how to use Photoshop, then this is the course for you.
Course Overview
  • What is Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Course Overview and Learning Outcomes
Interface overview
  • Tools
  • Panels
  • Menus
  • Opening a document
Navigating Photoshop
  • Moving around your image
  • Zooming
  • Navigator Panel
Cropping & Straightening
  • Rotating
  • Straightening
  • Cropping
  • Perspective Cropping
  • Creating and duplicating layers
  • Transparency
  • Clipping Masks
  • Blend Modes
Making Adjustments
  • What is luminance
  • Adjusting brightness & contrast
  • Hue & saturation
  • Adjusting colour
  • Geometric Selection
  • Freeform Selection
  • Automated Selection
  • Quick Mask
  • Enhancing Selections
  • Colour correction
  • Spot & brush healing
  • Dodge & burn
  • What is a vector?
  • Character panel
  • Antialiasing
  • Text along an edge
  • Saving for print
  • Saving for web
  • Exporting to Other Adobe Programs
2 days£485 ex VAT
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Adobe Photoshop CC Standard
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Adobe Photoshop CC Standard
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Adobe Photoshop CC Standard
The Shard, London
£485 +VAT
Our facilities


Our trainers are all seasoned experts that have extensive experience working in the industry. They will be happy to answer questions, on the day or post training as part of our ongoing support.


Jellyfish have first class training facilities. Our regular venues include our flagship training centre located at the Shard in London, and the Jellyfish agency offices in Brighton and Reigate.

Food & Drink

We pride ourselves on providing our attendees with high quality food and refreshments. Both are available throughout the day and we cater for any dietary requirements for you.