Floodlight & Post Event Tracking in DCM

Floodlight & Post Event Tracking in DCM

Ensure your marketing activity is setup in the right way to obtain insights and measure the success of your digital campaigns.

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DoubleClick Campaign Manager

This advanced course will explain best practises when planning your strategy as well as deliver a deep dive of the different type of DoubleClick Conversion pixels and how they affect reporting.

We'll also look at how to plan your conversion strategy and why Custom Floodlight Variables give added value in terms of reporting as well as audience building.

If you don't have a sound conversion tagging strategy, then you will not have a good understanding of how your DoubleClick campaigns have performed.

Our Floodlight & Post Event Tracking in DCM course is offered as a private training or webinar session. We are happy to tailor the content to your business needs.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course you’ll have gained the skills to:

  • Understand how post event tracking works with DoubleClick conversion pixels
  • Implement best practises when creating audiences from conversion pixels
  • Synch conversion pixels with other Google tools such as Google Tag Manager
  • Manage Linking to approved 3rd party app install tracking solutions
  • Understand how conversions are counted differently between DBM and DCM

Course Overview

    The Fundamentals of DoubleClick conversion pixels

    • Floodlight conversion trackings - concepts
    • Floodlight configuration best practices
    • Custom Floodlight variables in Reporting and Remarketing
    • Floodlight Activities
    • Floodlight and mobile
    • Floodlight reporting and Bid Manager

    Tag Management

    • Sync conversion pixels with other Google tools such as Google Tag Manager

3rd party App install tracking solutions

  • Manage linking to approved 3rd party tracking solutions
  • QA-ing conversion pixels
  • Best practices

Audience creation

  • Best practices when creating audiences from conversion pixels

The sales funnel and conversion table

  • Tips on where to put conversion pixels

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Inspiring and knowledgeable trainer

Gained very practical advice that I could immediately put into practice.

Great environment for learning

The training was relevant, insightful and presented in a fun but professional manner.

They certainly know the digital world

Very useful insights that have paid off time and time again since the course.