Digital PR Online Course

This is a fully supported, 5-week online training course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow and will introduce you to the world of online public relations and will help you successfully execute digital campaigns.

Course length 5 weeks
Start date 16th Oct 2017
Register by 9th Oct 2017
Moderated course Full course 5 modules
£399 ex VAT

Digital PROnline5 modules

The internet has fundamentally changed the way brands, personalities, politicians and the greater public interact, leaving many traditional PR practitioners struggling to keep up with these evolving trends.

Powered by the digital experts at Red & Yellow, the Digital PR course will introduce you to public relations in the age of social media, search engine optimisation and online tracking.

You’ll learn how to master the essentials of online PR, as well as how to use digital tools to improve efficiency, brand perception, and internal and external communication.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this online course you'll gain the skills to:
  • Learn how to find, monitor, engage and steer online conversation
  • Become a digital PR pro
  • Create brand WebPR content
  • Respond efficiently to online conversation
  • Learn how to handle brand crises with ease
Why should I take this course?
This course is open to anyone from a public relations, marketing or communications background. It’s equally suited to anyone wanting to learning about the world of online marketing and communications and how to successfully apply best practice in a digital space.
Course Overview
Module 1: Planning Digital PR Content
  • An introduction to online PR and how online considerations have fundamentally changed the communications sector
  • Understanding your audience and the various types of content that can be produced
Module 2: Creating WebPR Content
  • SEO in online PR – practical skills to writing strong copy that has been optimised for search engines
  • The role of SEO in PR strategies, online reputation management and crises
Module 3: Online Content Distribution
  • How to effectively distribute information including news release or articles on the Internet
  • Understand how social media has impacted public relations at its core by dramatically changing the relationship between brands and the public
Module 4: Online Reputation Management
  • The digital discipline of online reputation management
  • How to control the flow of negative conversation while creating and driving your loyal brand ambassadors to naturally promote your business offerings
  • What to do in the event of a brand crisis
Module 5: Goal Setting and Measurement
  • How the internet allows for accurate and insightful tracking of digital footprints
  • The basics of goal setting for a campaign, allowing you to decide on which factors need to be considered when measuring your successes, including engagement, word of mouth and leads
Full course 5 weeks £399 ex VAT
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