Email Marketing Online Course

This is a fully supported, 5-week online training course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow. You will learn how to build profitable relationships, drive sales and increase your market reach through cost-effective email marketing campaigns.

Course length 5 weeks
Start date 16th Oct 2017
Register by 9th Oct 2017
Moderated course Full course 4 modules
£359 ex VAT

Email MarketingOnline4 modules

This course will teach you how to execute your own email campaigns effectively. We will discuss how email marketing fits into the overall digital marketing strategy, how to craft a striking newsletter and how to apply conversion and performance metrics to your marketing efforts.

Designed with busy professionals in mind, this course provides the freedom to learn independently, but with full support. You will benefit from weekly chat sessions, a dedicated Course Coordinator and an expert Knowledge Officer just an email or phone call away. 

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this online course you'll gain the skills to:
  • Understand how email marketing fits into your digital marketing strategy
  • Effectively design and structure newsletter content in line with best practice principles
  • Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of email and permission based marketing
  • Learn how to apply tracking and conversion metrics to your newsletter to test your campaigns
  • Start to execute successful email campaigns
Why should I take this course?
This course is great if you’re new to email marketing or are needing to increase sales and conversions through promotions and content marketing. The course is perfect of you want to learn how to create awareness and long-term brand loyalty in a cost-effective manner.
Course Overview
Module 1 - Introduction to Email Marketing
  • An introduction to email marketing and how it fits into an overall digital marketing strategy
  • he pros and cons of email and permission-based marketing, types of email, defining goals and metrics, and legal considerations
Module 2 - Getting Started
  • Setting up email marketing campaigns
  • Learning how to craft striking newsletter designs that conform to international best practice principles
  • How email marketers should structure their newsletter content
Module 3 - Content and Development
  • How to correctly write, develop and ultimately send an email
  • Best practice and principles for email development and sending
Module 4 - Email Marketing Optimisation
  • Effective optimisation of email marketing campaigns
  • How to understand and apply conversion and performance metrics to your marketing efforts
  • How to correctly implement tracking on your newsletter to test your campaigns and ensure top results
Full course 5 weeks £359 ex VAT
Online Learning USPs

Flexible Learning

Access the course content from anywhere in the world and participate in live chat sessions, forums and discussions. All assignments are designed to give you skills that you can immediately apply in the workplace.

Red & Yellow

All of the online courses delivered by our partner Red & Yellow offer part-time flexibility and are fully supported by a course coordinator, so you can focus on what matters – the learning.

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