Online Advertising Online Course

This is a fully supported, 8-week online training course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow and will introduce you to the world of online advertising covering search, display and social media.

Course length 8 weeks
Start date 5th Jun 2017
Register by 29th May 2017
Moderated course Full course 8 modules
£559 ex VAT

Online AdvertisingOnline8 modules

Powered by the digital experts at Red & Yellow, this Online Advertising course will give you the practical working knowledge you need to promote your business effectively through online advertising and be able to manage and optimise your campaigns.

You’ll learn how to correctly implement best practice principles for PPC and display advertising on desktop and mobile. The course will also cover how to conduct Facebook, YouTube, Google and paid search advertising.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this online course you'll gain the skills to:
  • Grow awareness, drive sales, and increase your market reach
  • Learn how to effectively manage and optimise your own online campaigns
  • Gain an understanding of pay-per-click and display banners advertising on desktop and mobile
  • Create and implement social media ads
  • Develop an online advertising strategy
Why should I take this course?
This course is great for people who are new to online advertising and its concepts. If you’re an Online Advertising Manager, Media Planner, Web Designer or aspiring marketers who wants to learn how to leverage a cost-effective, adjustable form of web advertising to drive or support marketing campaigns then this course is for you.
Course Overview
Module 1: Digital Marketing - Where Does Online Advertising Fit In?
  • Understand the importance of digital marketing and recognise the different digital marketing tactics
  • Discuss the differences between earned, owned and paid media
Module 2: Payment Models and Strategy for Desktop and Mobile
  • Understand how to formulate an online advertising strategy
  • Explain the business benefits of Google search and display and Facebook advertising campaigns
Module 3: Implementing Google Paid Search Advertising
  • List the PPC planning process
  • Set up your own Google Search campaigns
  • Select and implement relevant ad extensions
Module 4: Implementing Google Display Campaigns
  • Implement techniques in selecting settings and structuring campaigns
  • Choose targeting options based on your audience and your objectives
  • Begin crafting image and rich media ads
Module 5: Implementing Booked Media Advertising
  • Define your campaign objectives and target audience
  • Research and select the ideal placements for your ads
  • Brief media owners and publishers and begin crafting thorough media plans
Module 6: Implementing Paid Social Media Campaigns
  • Craft Facebook campaigns in line with business objectives and target markets
  • Know your way around Twitter’s paid options
  • Leverage paid options on LinkedIn
Module 7: Implementing YouTube Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Begin crafting a YouTube channel in line with your brand and objectives
  • Produce YouTube ads in a variety of formats
  • Optimise your campaigns and track your progress
Module 8: Optimisation and Reporting
  • Implement tracking for your various online advertising campaigns
  • Begin crafting and customising reports according to your campaign objectives
  • Use the insight garnered from your reports to improve your campaign performance
Full course 8 weeks £559 ex VAT
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