Project Management Online Course

This is a fully supported, 6-week online training course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow. You will gain the skills required to run any project from concept to implementation, manage teams, master deadlines and deliver results to key stakeholders.

Course length 6 weeks
Start date 26th Jun 2017
Register by 19th Jun 2017
Moderated course Full course 6 modules
£499 ex VAT

Project ManagementOnline6 modules

This course will give you a comprehensive view to managing a wide range of projects and processes to thrive in a fast-paced corporate or agency environment. You’ll learn how to effectively manage and identify key aspects of a project such as cost, scope, quality and scheduling and how to control these throughout the product lifecycle.

Designed with busy professionals in mind, this course provides the freedom to learn independently, but with full support. You will benefit from weekly chat sessions, a dedicated Course Coordinator and an expert Knowledge Officer just an email or phone call away. 

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this online course you'll gain the skills to:
  • Guide a project from concept to implementation
  • Learn about efficient and cost effective process management
  • Understand how to manage stakeholder expectations
  • Be confident in planning work schedules and managing conflict
  • Understand the challenges and risks involved in undertaking a project
Why should I take this course?
This course is geared towards current or aspiring project managers, traffic managers, client service professionals or administrators who want to gain the skills to effectively manage internal projects and manage stakeholder expectations to make your business as efficient and cost-effective as possible.
Course Overview
Module 1: Introduction to Project Management
  • The concept of project management
  • Principles and terminology for managing projects within the business environment
Module 2: The Project Lifecycle
  • The different phases a project goes through
  • How to run several projects simultaneously
Module 3: Project Control
  • The critical idea of project control and its challenges
  • How to effectively manage key aspects of a project, such as cost, schedule, quality and scope
Module 4:  Risk, Issues and Change Management
  • Risks inherent to working in a fast-paced, high-demand working environment
  • How to quickly and effectively adapt to unforeseen challenges and risks
Module 5: Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Understanding and managing stakeholder expectations
  • How to ensure the delivery of high-quality, on-brief results
Module 6: Relationship Management
  • How to manage multiple teams, clients, and other stakeholders in a realistic and fruitful manner
Upcoming courses
This Project Management course will start on the following dates:
  • 26th Jun 2017
  • 31st Jul 2017
  • 25th Sep 2017
Full course 6 weeks £499 ex VAT
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