Social Media Online Course

This is a fully supported, 8-week online training course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow. You will learn how social media can work for your business and how to promote your brand more effectively online.

Course length 8 weeks
Start date 17th Apr 2017
Register by 10th Apr 2017
Moderated course Full course 8 modules
£539 ex VAT

Social MediaOnline8 modules

This course will give you a professional understanding of social media marketing tactics, strategies and global best-practice principles. We will show you how to get to grips with social media by getting hands on with the tools you need to maximise your social media efforts.

Designed with busy professionals in mind, this course provides the freedom to learn independently, but with full support. You will benefit from weekly chat sessions, a dedicated Course Coordinator and an expert Knowledge Officer just an email or phone call away.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this online course you'll gain the skills to:
  • Understand the main principles of social media by getting hands on with a range of tools; Facebook for networking, blogs for content marketing, Twitter for news and more
  • Understand the potential social media holds for personal branding
  • Consolidate or brush up on your existing social media knowledge
  • Create effective strategies and practices for engaging on social media as a brand
  • Learn to use social media to gain marketplace intelligence and develop loyal fans
Why should I take this course?
This course is ideal for digital marketers, Brand Managers, PR executives or content marketers who want a professional understanding of social media and are looking to increase brand awareness, sales and conversions through social media marketing.
Course Overview
Module 1: Social Media and You
  • Define social media and explain why it matters
  • Understand how social media can be harnessed for personal branding
Module 2: The Big Players, Terminology and Concepts
  • Compare the major social media platforms
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of these platforms
Module 3: Determining Strategic Direction
  • Establish where social media fits into the marketing mix
  • Define your social media target audience and objectives
Module 4: Understanding and Selecting your Channels
  • Explain how to use various platforms within those channels
  • Select the right channel, based on your objectives and business needs
Module 5: Formulating your Content Strategy
  • Craft content strategies in line with brand personas and content pillars
  • Create effective social media content
Module 6: Initiating your Presence and Campaigns
  • Design social media brand spaces and assets
  • Implement guidelines for effective social media management
Module 7: Managing and Leveraging your Community
  • Build engaged and supported social media communities
  • Manage your social media presence through online monitoring
Module 8: Reporting and Optimisation
  • Determine effective social media KPIs
  • Track and measure social media performance
Upcoming courses
This Social Media course will start on the following dates:
  • 17th Apr 2017
  • 14th Aug 2017
  • 2nd Oct 2017
Full course 8 weeks £539 ex VAT
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