Web Analytics Online Course

This is a fully supported, 6-week online course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow. This course provides a comprehensive overview to implementation, reporting, analysis and optimisation.

Course length 6 weeks
Start date 10th Jul 2017
Register by 3rd Jul 2017
Moderated course Full course 6 modules
£549 ex VAT

Web AnalyticsOnline6 modules

In today’s data driven world it’s important for marketers to understand how to extract and use the insight from analytics data to better understand the behaviour of their customers online.

Powered by the digital experts at Red & Yellow, the Web Analytics online course will teach you how to navigate the data in Google Analytics and how to extract key insights for your business.

You’ll learn how to set up, use and understand analytic tools for the web and social media via a live Google Analytics view with real data, and by the end of the course you’ll feel confident to apply your learnings in the real world.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this online course you'll gain the skills to:
  • Set up, use and understand Google Analytics
  • Set clear, measurable objectives for your digital marketing activity
  • Measure the success of online campaigns using goals
  • Analyse visitors and site content and create useful, custom analytics performance reports
  • Become a web analytics expert
Why should I take this course?
This course is ideal if you’re a web analyst, digital marketing manager, business intelligence analyst or strategist and want to make web data work for you and your business. The course will teach you how everything can be measured, analysed and used to benefit your business.
Course Overview
Module 1: Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Key concepts and the critical role web analytics plays in every successful digital marketing campaign
  • Setting effective objectives, goals and targets
Module 2: Implementing Analytics Tracking
  • The practical steps needed to accurately measure user activity
  • A step-by-step guide to setting up Google Analytics, including creating filters and testing
Module 3: Analysing Visitors and Site Content
  • The principles and features you can apply to understand user behaviour online
  • Understanding and measuring visitor interaction with your digital assets
Module 4: Analysing Traffic Sources and Campaigns
  • Overview of the traffic sources and analysing visitor data on social media
  • Tracking and measuring your digital marketing campaigns effectively
Module 5: Goals and Conversion
  • Analysing user conversion paths for online sales and goal completions
  • Attributing the correct costs and values to each of your marketing channels
Module 6: Reporting and Optimisation
  • Creating useful reports and dashboards based on the objectives and performance of your digital assets
  • Making reports insightful and relevant through customisation, automation and segmentation
Full course 6 weeks £549 ex VAT
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Flexible Learning

Access the course content from anywhere in the world and participate in live chat sessions, forums and discussions. All assignments are designed to give you skills that you can immediately apply in the workplace.

Red & Yellow

All of the online courses delivered by our partner Red & Yellow offer part-time flexibility and are fully supported by a course coordinator, so you can focus on what matters – the learning.

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