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Social Media is a key communication tool for today's digital marketers. Our social media marketing courses will give you the skills you need to use social media successfully for your business.

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From the basics of Facebook and Twitter through to advanced social media tools for monitoring and analysis, we’ll show you how social networks should fit into your online marketing strategy.

Led by one of our expert social media professionals, both our standard and advanced courses take an engaging, hands-on, interactive approach.

On the standard course we'll help beginners get to grips with social media essentials and what you can do to harness it, exploit it and enjoy it; helping you gain the confidence to create a social media strategy for your business.

The advanced session takes an in-depth look at social media monitoring, engagement and analytics tools, showing you how to gather valuable insight to feed into your marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking for an online learning option, we offer a fully moderated 8-week online training course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow.

Our social media courses are available at our training centre in The Shard, London or Reigate.

We also offer private training courses tailored to your needs, which are ideal if you have a team you want to bring up to speed in social media.

Why Study Social Media with Jellyfish?

Hear about what our Social Media courses cover in more detail.
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Social Media Standard1 day Classroom Course

If you're confused by the world of hashtags, likes, shares and pins our Standard course aims to demystify and deconstruct social media. Taking a fun, interactive approach as we introduce the most popular platforms and give you tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

We’ll look at the different social media channels and how marketing professionals can use them as part of an online marketing strategy. Whether you run a small blog or work for a major brand we’ll look at how platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat can work for you.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this course you’ll have gained the skills to:
  • Understand what social media is and how to use if for your business
  • Understand how social media fits in to your digital marketing strategy
  • Define clear objectives and create a social media strategy
  • Define the advantages and disadvantages of each main channel
  • Know how to protect your business on social media
Why should I take this course?
If you want to learn how to use social media for business this course is ideal. You may be a professional in a digital, marketing or PR role or currently not doing any social media activity or simply want to learn best practices.
Course Overview
What is Social Media?
  • Why do people use social media?
  • The zero moment of truth – ZMOT
  • Social media theory – the 1:9:90 rule
  • Social media best practice
Setting your goals and objectives
  • Define your objectives
  • The social media lifecycle
Identifying the right platform for you
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Getting the information you need
  • Choosing where to exist online
  • Restrictions
Overview of most popular Social Platforms
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
How to protect your business on social media
  • Creating a social media policy
  • Risk management
  • Setting up a crisis response plan
  • Dealing with negative comments
Full Day£499 ex VAT
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Social Media Standard
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Social Media Standard
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The Shard, London
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Social Media Standard
The Shard, London
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Social Media Standard
£499 +VAT

Social MediaAdvanced1 Day Classroom Course

This course takes an in-depth look into the monitoring, engagement and social media analytics tools available, showing how to gather valuable insights to feed back into your campaigns.

We'll cover ROI through social media, analytics tools for each of the main platforms, tracking trends, metrics & social media mentions. The course will also cover social media paid advertising best practices and strategies. This course will empower you with a broader knowledge and understanding of how to measure and optimise your organic and paid social media presence.
This course compliments our Google Analytics Standard and Content Marketing courses.

What will I learn?
Upon completion of this course you’ll have gained the skills to:
  • Tying social media into your digital marketing strategy
  • Gain insights into social media analytics
  • Use social media monitoring platforms and engagement tools
  • Optimise social media profiles for search
  • Strategies for social media paid advertising campaigns
Why should I take this course?
This course has been designed for people already using social media for online marketing, such as managing Facebook pages or Instagram feeds.
If you’re looking to build on or improve existing social campaigns (both paid and organic), this course will be suitable.
Course Overview
Optimising your social media strategy 
  • A quick audit of your social media activity
  • Tying social media into your digital marketing strategy
  • Tips for implementing your social media strategy
  • How ‘social’ is your business?
  • Reviewing your social media objectives
Social media analytics tools
  • Social campaign tracking with Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn Analytics
  • Other social media analytics platforms
Social media engagement & monitoring tools
  • How to use Hootsuite for monitoring
  • Other social media monitoring tools
Social advertising strategies & campaigns
  • Facebook advertising
  • Instagram advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Other social networks
Full Day£499 ex VAT
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Social Media Advanced
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Social Media Advanced
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Social Media Advanced
The Shard, London
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Social Media Advanced
The Shard, London
£499 +VAT
Tue | Mar 20 | 1 Day
Social Media Advanced
£499 +VAT
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