Building a new brand for GLH Hotel Group

Launching a new hotel brand in a busy market isn't easy.

That's why your research and proposition needs to be on point. That then gives your creative agency, us in this case, the best chance at developing a brand which matches not only the proposition but the desire of your audience. This is where we welcome Thistle Express. A new hotel brand launched under the GLH hotel group.

The hotels are a new streamlined concept offering contemporary design and bedrooms, friendly and efficient service, as well as super-fast, free Wi-Fi and SMART TV’s in every room – all at great value. We're really proud of our work with GLH hotels and continue to work with them on many other projects.

The brief

As official branding partner, glh briefed Jellyfish to create and launch a new brand into the market.

The client gave us the following objectives:

  • To develop a new brand identity and accompanying assets for new hotel offering
  • To pull this identity through the line from brand positioning to internal branding, look, feel and tone of voice
  • To create accompanying social posts to support PR launch

glh's market research revealed that someone was likely to stay in a 4-star hotel for business one week, and then check into a so-called budget hotel for a family break the next. 

This meant that glh needed to build a brand within its portfolio that could cater for this modern traveler.  An offering which gave guests what they want, at that moment in time, for that specific stay.

And that's where we presented Thistle Express.

A new hotel brand that represents great value, but also reflects the fact that guests are unwilling to compromise on what matters most - a quality bedroom, efficient technology, and friendly service.

Thistle Express Squares

The solution

Jellyfish created the look and feel for this brand from scratch. This involved the creation of the logo, look and feel, primary colors, applications on the website and through social channels.

The tone of voice was developed by Jellyfish, introducing the tagline ‘Treat this place like a hotel’ and the #expressyourself.

The creative team gave real thought into how the new brand would be received by potential customers. It was important for Thistle Express to sound genuine, professional, knowledgeable, friendly...and good fun.

We also developed a video which would demonstrate the new brand. As this hotel was not available yet, Jellyfish were given the challenge to create an abstract video that the target audience could relate to.

We're really happy with what we've achieved for glh and are excited to roll out the brand when the hotels are available. 

thistle express promotion
Thistle Express promotion
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