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Jellyfish has been working with Time magazine to provide highly effective Paid Search traffic to generate subscriptions for many years. More recently we've been working on providing creative to them to support a wide range of both Time and Fortune magazine publications.

Time magazine came to us to review their whole conversion funnel approach as part of their new print + iPad-based proposition - Time All Access.


First, we produced a set of 9 banner images that were to be used on to channel potential subscribers to a new funnel. The banners span a range of sizes from button through to skyscraper and had to deliver consistency with the Time brand and the revised funnel, as well as adhering to the specific requirements for Time on banner file size and timing, repeat guidelines.

Responsive Conversion Funnel

In conjunction with this, we also produced a brand new conversion funnel to ensure that users who clicked through on the banners had the highest chance of converting and becoming subscribers to the Time and Fortune funnel. Based on the fact that the proposition was based on tablet accessible time content, Jellyfish recommended that the conversion funnel also be accessible via touchscreen tablet and mobile devices, using our responsive design methodology to provide an interface that was specific to each device format. We worked closely with the teams in the UK and US team in New York to implement this complete funnel strategy.

The results

The result of the new banners was that the click through rates of the most prominent banners in the file set, hosted on went from a click-through rate of 0.01% to 0.08% of all traffic. This resulted in a larger number of click-throughs to the new conversion funnel and consequently resulted in a higher number of conversions for Time All Access.

I was extremely impressed with the creative approach that Mark and his team brought to the planning and creation of our new subscription pages and banner ads. A high level of service and expertise was provided throughout the project.

Shivonne Goonawardana Marketing Manager EMEA
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