Increased Traffic and ROAS with Google’s Local Inventory Ads

Total Wine & More is America‘s Wine Superstore – the country‘s largest independent retailer of fine wine, spirits, and beer.

Today, Total Wine & More operates more than 148 superstores across the United States and continues to grow.

Total Wine & More is committed to providing the best shopping experience for customers by employing wine experts and offering an extensive selection of wines, spirits, and beers.

The brief

As the number of consumers conducting research online before completing a transaction in-store continues to rise, Jellyfish and Total Wine & More realised that there was a need to get the brand in front of searchers while providing them with an option to convert in a nearby store location. With few competitors with brick-and-mortar locations on the shopping landscape, Total Wine & More and Jellyfish identified Local Inventory Ads as an untapped opportunity in its industry. 

The objectives

  • Expand in-store footprint online and reach local searchers 
  • Measure the impact online activity has on in-store foot traffic and sales
  • Increase sales and revenue both online and in-store

The Challenges

Given the restrictions set by Google on the advertising of alcohol-related content, shopping campaigns were previously not an option for Total Wine. However, Jellyfish was able to come up with a strategy and campaign framework to not only abide by the policies, but also the state-specific regulations on alcohol sales to bring Total Wine’s search portfolio to the next level.

By building an intricate campaign structure by market, we were able to use custom market level feeds specific to each brick-and-mortar store. With hundreds of thousands of product SKU’s, this was quite the undertaking, but worth it when comparing the relevancy of the local inventory ads to both pricing and product availability. This allows for the searcher to know exactly what is available to them at any given store across the 145+ Total Wine & More locations.


The Solution

  • Created LIA feed that provided information for thousands of products specific to closest brick-and-mortar location to searcher, whilst giving them an option to purchase online
  • Implemented LIA campaigns in specific focus markets
  • Added Google’s in-store visits metric to reporting to understand offline impact 

Total Wine & More gains search visibility with LIA

LIAs helped Total Wine & More use shopping ads to reach customers who were searching for specific brands of wine, spirits, and beer – all tailored to where the searcher was. For example, if a searcher was in Tampa, and searching for Old Forester Bourbon, an ad like the below would show highlighting its availability in-store and respective pricing. 

Not only did we see an uplift in e-commerce order volume through LIAs, we also saw a secondary lift in local store visits. In Q4 of 2016, AdWords activity drove an 180% increase in in-store visits compared to the previous quarter. We were able to estimate in-store traffic via the AdWords in-store estimation tool, as well as Google Map ad click types based on driving directions, nearby locations, and location details.

Jellyfish also organised Total Wine & More’s product catalog into recommended product groups for targeting high margin inventory to help drive the strongest return for the LIA campaigns. Each group was also refined to show additional, more specific product types. 

Market testing led to increased LIA campaigns

Total Wine & More and Jellyfish initially ran LIAs solely in the Florida market. Florida is a top performing state in terms of order and revenue volume, making it an optimal test market to gauge the early impact of LIAs. After one week of testing, we activated LIA campaigns within 17 additional states as a means to scale our paid search reach across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

LIA drove clicks, decreased costs

As LIA investment increased, CPCs decreased, leading the marketing team to focus on ways to optimise shopping performance as well as attract more in-store customers. The large reduction in CPCs meant that Total Wine & More could have a stronger presence for non-brand terms, such as Maker’s Mark or other name-brand products, which historically have been more expensive in traditional paid search tactics. Going forward, the Jellyfish team is looking at various opportunities to optimise bids towards specific products and improve shopping feed descriptions to continue driving overall performance efficiencies, in-store visits, and revenue growth.

173%increase in orders
145% increase in e-commerce revenue
180%uplift in in-store visits from prior quarter
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