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Nescafé Dolce Gusto's goal was simple, get more people excited about their coffee machines and complement their above-the-line activity, including TV advertising, with continued online journeys to drive sales and brand engagement.

The objectives

Nescafé’s Dolce Gusto wanted a targeted online campaign that would accompany above the line activity and drive consumer brand engagement and ultimately sales.

They also wanted to refine the audience to include interested visitors, new prospects and known customers, as well as:

  • Create an online journey to complement Nescafé’s Dolce Gusto’s offline advertising
  • Heighten brand awareness among target groups
  • Optimise ads viewability
  • Notwithstanding the above, provide a direct response element to the campaign to also secure sales among interested parties by advertising on relevant websites like eBay and Amazon
  • Guarding brand safety so the Dolce Gusto displays didn’t appear on inappropriate web page
Dolce Gusto packaging
coffee drink

The solution

Jellyfish’s aim was to work with Nescafé Dolce Gusto to communicate the right triggers, at the right time, in impactful, brand safe and contextually relevant places to generate brand engagement and coffee machine sales.

The campaign spanned mobile, video, and display, and the audience was identified through audience signals and refined using site, shopping data and coffee machine sales data. The campaign always strives to include innovative, new and impactful formats that are highly relevant to the target audience.

It was also designed specifically to complement Nescafé Dolce Gusto’s TV advertising which was achieved through a collaborative partnership with ZenithOptimedia; ensuring consistent brand presence.

Onsite behavior and shopping habits shaped our programmatic media placements using DoubleClick Bid Manager.

All media was delivered programmatically. Through integrated analytics software, audiences and micro audiences from Dolce Gusto’s site were able to be curated and then passed to DSP platform for analysis, extension and look-a-like modeling.

700%increase in ad placements
21%Above IAB benchmark
91%Ads shown to new visitors

Audience targeting

Initially already engaged, ABC1 audiences were targeted and defined as:

  • Social sharers - who are aspiring young couples who regularly host dinner parties and have friends or family over for coffee.
  • Busy achievers - families with young children who are likely to have friends and family round and take part in a significant amount of entertaining.

Over time, the look-a-like modeling indicated that as well as the above ABC1 audiences, new audience pockets existed amongst the C2 and a few within the D, E and student categories who aspire to the brand.

Synchronised TV and display

Video on demand was introduced in collaboration with ZenithOptimedia in the form of display in a skippable media format, in stream and in page.

Firstly, it was used to run video display ads at times when TV advertising was not running. The placement of the same advert that was televised online provided constant, consistent brand presence on and offline.

Secondly, in order to catch the attention of dual-screeners, static display ads were shown at the same time as the television adverts were playing.

male making a coffee
45%Increase in sales YoY
11.5%Increase in unique visitors YoY
No.1Pod coffee machine, 2015

DoubleClick actually gives us the opportunity to bid on impressions that have a likelihood of being seen. At the end of the day, if my advert has not been seen, I can't sell my product. Nestlé doesn't sell products to robots yet, maybe in the future.

Gawain Owen Marketing Communications at Nestlé S.A.
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